A Letter from Master Tocco, to All New White Belts

Dear New Student,

Congratulations!  You have taken the first step on your journey toward a goal that few accomplish in their lifetime; becoming a Black Belt!

The In Nae family welcomes you to a school where people just like yourself, find personal growth and mental challenges, which are rewarding and exciting experiences. Here at In Nae Taekwondo, we offer the highest curriculum for advancement toward your Black Belt. Each student will take a unique path toward their ultimate goals. Along the way, students will face challenges and adversity. These experiences serve to build character and instill the confidence to overcome obstacles, not only in Martial Arts, but in life.

This is the first letter in a series of “what to expect” correspondence, as you progress through the belt system. Each letter is designed to answer common questions and point out important elements of each new belt rank.

The white belt level is a very exciting one. There is alot to learn and alot to enjoy along the way. Not only will you begin learning an exciting variety of techniques, but you will also come to look and feel your best throughout many energetic workouts. You will also gain self-confidence that comes from learning and becoming proficient at new skills. In addition, you will be training alongside an accomplished and disciplined group of instructors, who always provide additional support and motivation. Our students always develop new and meaningful friendships with their fellow classmates, as they work together to motivate one another along this most rewarding journey.

Once again, congratulations on taking the first step toward a unique sport and Martial Art that can truly “Last a lifetime”!

~Master Tocco