PEAK-IMAGEPeak Performance New York is based in Glenville, NY and one of only 9 select Peak Performance training facilities across the United States. Peak Performance was started by US Olympic Coach Juan Miguel Moreno and has developed world class athletes, who have medaled at the national, international and olympic level.The primary objective of the Peak Performance Team is to fine tune the development of select Taekwondo athletes, capable of successfully competing and medaling at the National, International and ultimately the Olympic level. To achieve this goal, we have implemented an instructional program based on modern sports science principles, athletic development and mental preparation for high level competition. The Peak New York Team’s sparring curriculum was developed in collaboration with Head Coach Juan Moreno. This program utilizes evidence based, proven methods for competitive success.

Membership on the Peak Performance NY Team is by invitation only. Although we encourage any interested athletes to apply for a position with Peak, that position must be earned through a very strenuous and disciplined process. Standards for selection are high and selection for membership to the team demands that the athlete display exceptional dedication, skill, physical fitness, and team spirit over an extended period of time.